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Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Giuseppina Kenyon Savard D.O. PC, 7350 Porter Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Dr. Giuseppina Kenyon Savard

Dr. Savard is the President of a family practice medical office founded in 2012. She currently has 4 employees. The practice achieved a Level 3 designation for Patient-Centered Medical Home in late 2013 just 18 months after the company first opened. Dr. Savard was recently recognized for her excellent care and expanding practice by the Niagara Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the SBA-Buffalo District Luncheon in May of 2014.

Dr. Kenyon Savard has been driven to be an ethical, high quality health care professional for as long as she can remember. She began to fulfill her lifelong dream at Wheatfield Family Medicine as an employee. It was here, that Dr. Kenyon Savard began to establish her brand as a physician with a personal touch, able to relate to her patients and help them truly understand their course of treatment – not treating patients as a set of numbers on a chart. After a rewarding three years in practice, Dr. Kenyon Savard was provided with an opportunity to expand her talents by joining Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and their Osteopathic Residency program. She brought with her over one thousand patients and a desire to help the next generations of osteopathic physicians to develop their skills. However it became clear to Dr. Kenyon Savard after eight months that her passion remained in a private practice setting. By opening up her own practice Dr. Kenyon Savard was able to fully engage her patients in an environment centered around preventative health care, reaching them both in the office and remotely through technology to promote healthy living in all aspects of one's life.

Lynn Oswald with Dr. Savard and Maureen Henderson (L-R)

When Dr. Savard and her husband Adam first decided to open their own business they reached out to the SBDC with ideas and excitement but wanted to make sure they were on the right track. Here is what they said about their experience opening the practice.

"Partnering with Maureen Henderson, SBDC Certified Business Advisor not only confirmed that we were doing the right thing for ourselves and our family, but also gave us the guidance and experience that provided an important edge before approaching a bank or opened our doors."

"Maureen worked with us by phone and email, reviewing and guiding our business plan with nuance and expertise that helped to set us apart from other start-ups in our field. Through our discussions with Maureen we went from feeling we were doing the right thing to knowing we had done it. The details of getting a business off the ground are where the lines of success or failure are drawn, and we are much better off for working with Maureen and the vast expertise she brings to the planning process.

"If you are starting a business, regardless of industry or your tenure in it, you would greatly benefit from partnering with the SBDC and Maureen. Don't make starting a business harder than it needs to be. Have an advocate in your corner, and we would strongly recommend Maureen be your advocate."

Dr. Giuseppina Kenyon Savard
Adam Savard